No Frills Commercial Kitchen Deep Cleaning

Our professional cleaning division have a vast experience within this much specialised field; we understand the importance of getting in right. Whether you need us to clean one unit or work surface, to complete commercial kitchen our trained staff will deliver the results.

Our staff are trained and work full time within this division of our business, meaning each member of our team knows exactly what to do and the standards to deliver. We constantly update our staffs training and knowledge of this niche area of cleaning.

Thorough and Deep

To clean a kitchen correctly takes a specialist team who have knowledge and experience of what they are cleaning. Here at Office Cleaning UK we have used our own in house training academy to train our kitchen teams in every aspect of the environment.

From the ceiling to the floor and to every appliance our staff has a complete knowledge of what is needed, and the standard that needs to be delivered. Our approach is methodical ensuring no area is left and the same standard is received to all areas. We understand the the time constrains within a busy kitchen, and work with you to ensure the minimum disruption. Our teams are used to working through the night, meaning in many instances no down time for a busy kitchen.

Before we start we will prepare the kitchen, from taping sockets to dismantling components to be cleaned. These include oven trays and grease filters, all are cleaned to the manufactures recommendations. This may include dipping in our portable tanks, to degrease and clean. We pull out where possible all equipment to enable cleaning behind and underneath, these are areas that are not cleaned on a day to day basis and can become heavily soiled.

Whilst equipment is pulled out we steam clean all walls and tiled areas, and then return the appliances to its original setting. All food preparation and cooking areas are sanitised.

All floor areas are scrubbed with our industrial machines, and any stubborn sections are steam cleaned, we then use water vacuums to ensure all residues are removed.

Once the work is completed we remove any rubbish and leave a clean kitchen ready for the next shift. Our staffs are able to lock buildings and return keys.

Our management team will inspect the work upon completion, and complete an audit to ensure all areas comply with our high standards. We welcome all our customers to inspect the completed work, and at this point sign off the work.

Compliant With Hygiene Standards

As anybody who works within the food industry will know, there is a very stringent practice around complying with health & food safety standards. The importance of the cleanliness within the work place and the equipment used, is as paramount as the delivery of food from any kitchen.

Commercial kitchen cleaning can be broken down into various sections, and each as important as the other in terms of cleanliness. Whether your needs are reactive, or you would like a planned programme throughout the year. We can provide this service.

Guaranteed Results

Maintaining high standards is essential to any kitchen, and by choosing our trained team and planned service delivery you are ensuring best practice when it comes to cleaning.