• A site visit permits us to see exactly what your company needs, so the price and service are tailored to your needs.
  • We listen to you the customer, understand the issues you have with your current contractor. An by asking a few questions, we ensure the service is be spoke for your needs ands right for the business.
  • Yes we can. This can be a good way of saving money as well, our buying power allows us to provide quality products at very competitive prices. It reduces your own admin cost as you get one invoice and deal with one company.
  • We operate throughout the uk, we have management and supervision that supports our staff throughout the country. This allows us to support companies with a national presence, and multiple buildings. Through operating from one major office, we centralize all support functions, and carry less overheads. Which allows us to be very competitive with our pricing.
  • We have a lot of experience, and have a trained management team. Who deal professionally and sensitively with the transfer of incumbent staff.
  • The development of our operative’s training is fundamental in what we do. So much so, we have our own training academy. Even other contractors come to us – it’s that good. We provide training unique to each sector.

    The training is ongoing throughout our cleaning operatives’ career, using constant assessments to ensure best practice. Training includes, customer care, understanding the relationship between promise and delivery.

  • Yes. We require a five year traceable work record, two personal references and a professional reference such as a bank or tax office.
  • We take all Health and Safety very seriously. We have our own H&S manager. All staff receive an induction which includes Health and Safety, manual handling of materials etc. Office Cleaning UK provides customised risk and method statements where we operate.
  • We will send you a provision of work specification and an agreed contract. Prior to start date our management team will come and introduce the cleaners and themselves. They will review everything to ensure there is a smooth transition and the first day of service is seamless.