Factory Cleaning

Whilst maintaining a high standard of Health & Safety, office cleaning UK works to deliver the highest standards with the minimal of distraction to any working environment. Using the latest equipment and access methods we have the capability to ensure a high standard of work to any high level areas. We appreciate in many cases these environments are 24/7, and it’s paramount to business. Our trained staff and management team will work with you to deliver a planned programme giving to dates times access areas and labour numbers. So you know exactly what to expect.


Fascia and Gutter Cleaning

Fascia cleaning

Office Cleaning UK can deliver a Cleaning and Maintenance programme on a one off basis or as part of a periodical clean routine. Using the specialist equipment and products designed for the task. The results can breathe new life into any building, and in many cases is the first impression. So weather the service is for a small apartment block or a major development we can make a difference with our specialist cleaning team.

Gutter Cleaning

Health & Safety is paramount where gutter cleaning is involved, all our staff is competent and trained in working at heights, regardless of size we have the access equipment to complete the task. A simple site survey will determine the method; we will then give you a scope of works which will detail how the work will be completed. We will give you a fixed lump price prior to commencement, no hidden cost.

Health and Safety

Health and Safety is paramount – from the beginning to the end. Prior to commencing any form of high levels works, we conduct a rigorous survey and produce our own health and safety plan. We ensure that all risk assessments are in place, and we forward a plan of delivery to each client.