Office Cleaning London and the South East of UK

Reliable Cleaning Maintenance Solutions For Facilities Managers

We have a reputation for professionalism and delivering high quality cleaning. This has been gained through working with our clients to ensure the service they need. Here at office cleaning UK, we recognise that each customer is unique. Therefore we tailor the solutions for their environment and office cleaning needs.

This ensures that your working environment is enhanced, and the cleaning is delivered as needed. By understanding each building and its users, our office cleaning staff can ensure a quality cleaning service. This has been shown to improve productivity, and absentees.

First Impressions are important, and very often a potential client or current customer will decide if or how they do business with you based on what they see. Office cleaning UK understands the importance of a quality service, which enhances your own company brand.

All our office cleaning staff has gained extensive training, prior to commencing any work within a commercial contract. All our staff is trained at our head offices, this ensures that they understand the high standard required prior to commencing at any contract. Within the training programme completed, are such subjects as communication and building security.

Office cleaning UK means a tailored solution to your cleaning needs. Allowing you concentrate on your core business. Our vast experience within a large portfolio, means we understand and our clients cleaning needs. However bespoke the service needed, we have the capability and trained staff to meet your requirement’s. As a company we recognise the need for flexibility, and have adapted our own service to meet this.

In many locations we now deliver daytime cleaning, a high visible presence giving your customers and employees a positive attitude of your brand. In much of our portfolio our office cleaners, work the invisible shift paramount for a clean building at the start of the working day.

Supervision is a key point to success with any cleaning contract, and at office cleaning UK we understand this. We believe having a trained team of area.

Supervisors, is a fundamental reason for our success. Our approach and drive to each contract, the ability to be reactive and flexible. Meaning we identify the changes for best practice, giving a continued proactive cleaning programme.

We operate a quality audit system; this allows us to measure the standards of cleaning against an agreed specification. This means a constant measure of the consistency of the cleaning; there is also a robust reactive action plan with agreed time frames. This means there is a safeguard procedure to allow only agreed standards. We actively invite client participate in all or some of the audits, this allows for constant feedback. All results are discussed with our cleaning operatives, as we always look to exceed any agreed standard rather than achieve it. So communication and feedback are a positive point for all our staff.

We have over fifteen years’ experience in office cleaning, and our reputation for integrity and honesty is our reason for contract retention, our testimonials and accreditations ensure new clients recognise our professionalism. Over the years we have grown our company to support and enhance our client’s needs; we now operate many specialist divisions offering a wide range of services.

Finding the correct cleaning company can be difficult, and in many companies it is the largest out sourced service. The wrong choice can have an impact on your business, and cause major disruption. The company you very often hand security of your building too, from the staff that attend, to the standards produced, it needs to be right. Office cleaning UK is a successful cleaning company based on the service we provide.

Our mission is to give a tailored cleaning solution which enhances your environment, and represents good value.